Casinos and gamblers

The importance of addicted gamblers to the profits of casinos

Long before online gambling became feasible casinos were strongly aware of problem or addicted gamblers for their profit margins. Whereas the less dedicated or casual gamblers may only occasionally visit casinos or play online the problem gamblers will not be able to resist the urge to play daily or even several times a day. Several different studies have noted how important the addicted or problem gamblers are to the gross income and the net profits of casinos. Indeed such gamers typically generate between 30 through to 60 per cent of any casino’s total revenue.

The casinos are able to find out information about the biggest spenders on their premises or on their websites. Some firms even make their money by selling information about the people most likely to spend large amounts of cash at casinos to those casinos. Data from credit card companies and banks no matter who supplies it is extremely useful to casinos as it allows them to target the people who are already addicted gamblers or have the potential to become just that.

The trend in recent years has been for casinos to gather their own information about the players who play with them most frequently and spend the most money. Just like the supermarkets before them the casino is have found that having loyalty card schemes is a great way of obtaining accurate and up to date data about the big spenders. These loyalty cards allow the casinos to know how many goes each player has on every single machine, which can be more than a thousand times every single minute of the day and night. Even gamblers who do not sign up to the cards may not get way with denying data about themselves to the casinos. For example CCTV cameras can focus on individual slot machines or tables, so staff can soon detect the most frequent gamblers.