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Casino Bonuses and How They Work

casino bonusFor those of you interested in online gambling, the prospect of deposit bonuses is a lucrative one. You get free bets and money to play, and you wouldn’t have to spend as much as you would. If you’re starting up as a newbie, the incentive can be a good one, as it can help you put your foot on the ground before trying to bet bigger. Alternatively, if you’re an experienced gambler, you would love to bet big with the help of the deposit bonuses.

Understanding the gambling glossary

One of the most common question gamblers is “Are Deposit Bonuses offered by Casinos Free Bets?” The aim of the offers is to attract more gamblers. However, the terms and condition differ for deposit bonuses and free bets. Can you consider deposit bonuses as free bets? Before we answer that question, let’s understand the meaning of how both the offers work.

How do deposit bonuses work?

To attract more users or promote users to bet more, online casinos offer deposit bonuses. They are in the form of money, and you get deposit bonuses when you open an account – called the first deposit bonus. When you make the first deposit, the poker room adds a separate bonus account with bonus money. The terms and condition may vary from casino to casino, if you want to withdraw the bonus amount. It is always released step by step into your main account.

How do free bets work?

Free bets are a way of placing a bet for free without your own money. When you fulfill certain conditions while betting, you get a free bet from the casino. Usually, you are required to bet an outcome, and you have to match the price of the free bet with you won cash. Let’s say, a player has $25 free bet deal. To get this free bet, the player must bet at least 2.00 odds. You need to match this bet with cash up to $25.

Can we consider deposit bonuses as free bets?

Yes, you may have understood that both offers are completely different. In one, you may have first to get real money into your account before you can get the free deposit into your account. In the other, you have to bet with your own money. If you win, the casino offers you a free bet.

If you see the risk factor, deposit bonuses are a lot less risky than the free bets in your account. On the other hand, with free bets you are pushed to bet with more amount then the promo cash, and you can lose more money unless you win the bet with a favorable outcome.

You need to understand that casinos want user engagement. It’s only when users love to place bets and make deposits that casinos can make the profit. With incentives like deposit bonus, the situation is win-win for both the parties. Users can spend more time playing higher bets, and the online casino gets a healthier business profit. The question is, can you play smart? Though the risk is high, you also have the chance to win more money. If you know the game well, why not take the risk?